Alexander Schwartz

Principal IT Consultant

Presentations @ msg Tech Talks

Observability in dynamic and distributed Environments

To be  able to identify and analyse problems, applications need to provide status  and runtime information. Distributed and dynamic Microservice environments  need to standardize this to enable efficient operations.

This talk presents four areas that are part of observability: status  information, logs, metrics, and traces. Technology examples show how these  concepts can be applied.

The talk will explain each concept and will present a practical example,  for example Spring Boot Actuator for status information, Log4j for logs,  Micrometer and Prometheus for metrics. The focus will be on concepts.

Prerequisites: First  experience in monitoring applications in production. Basic knowledge about  Microservices.

Learning objectives:

How can the different areas help to identify and analyze problems?
How can data be exported, collected and aggregated in a standardized  way?