Axel Irriger

Department Manager


Presentations @ msg Tech Talks

Enhancing customerinteraction using existing documents and artificial intelligence

Businesses already have a lot of (internal) documents, FAQ lists andknowledge bases. Using those, customer support can be enhanced by usingartificial intelligence. By summarizing, categorizing and intelligent searches,answers can be automatically suggested and (possibly) answered. The necessarytechnology will be provided and a prototype presented.

Smart Assistants –Architecture and Continous Development for the modern world

Digitalization drivesíntegration of services, but also the usage of new interfaces forhuman-computer-interaction. This talk focuses on smart assistants, as poweredby Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It presents a general overview andarchitecture of those enablers and how development of services/skills for thoseplatforms works. As an example, interest rate calculation via voice ispresented.