Ludger Solbach

Lead IT Consultant


Ludger Solbach has more than 20 years of experience as a Software Developer and IT architect in various domains. Currently he is working at msg systems ag as Technical Chief Designer in a big project in the automotive industry. His main interests are in Model Driven Software Development, Domain Driven Design, Aspect Oriented Development and Functional programming. He is also vice president of one of the most active java user groups in Germany, the Java User Group Stuttgart.

Presentations @ msg Tech Talks

Big Data  on the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

In times of IoT it is necessary to process huge  amounts of data fast. The data must be ingested, stored, filtered, processed  and analyzed.
Based on the discussion of the relevant architectural patterns we show how  to build flexible BigData solutions in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem with  Kafka, Spark and Storm.
We discuss data formats, batch and streaming scenarios, testing and  deployment.