Ludger Solbach

Lead IT Consultant


Ludger Solbach has more than 20 years of experience as a Software Developer and IT architect in various domains. Currently he is working at msg systems ag as Technical Chief Designer in a big project in the automotive industry. His main interests are in Model Driven Software Development, Domain Driven Design, Aspect Oriented Development and Functional programming. He is also vice president of one of the most active java user groups in Germany, the Java User Group Stuttgart.

Presentations @ Java Conference

Cloud Native Development mit Spring Boot und Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Cluj/Tg. Mures

Cloud native applications are getting more and more interest because they promise shorter time to markets, continuous improvement, flexible infrastructure and scalability. I will present you cloud native development with Spring Boot and the main differences to classical JEE development. I will show, how to apply the principles of the 12 Factor App in a cloud native application based on microservices and how Domain Driven Design and a Hexagonal Architecture help you in finding and building those microservices.